Friday, April 19, 2013

She's got legs!!

I've always liked to accesorize a rather boring man outfit with bright socks, funky ties, and unique shoes.  As Elise, it's no different - except that there are SO MANY more ways to accesorize every single outfit.  Like on my first day, when I finally decided on a top, skirt and heels - but which hose to wear??  As a hosiery addict, I of course had many different styles to choose from.  Which ones do you prefer?   

I actually ended up wearing all of these pairs (and a few others) during the week.  Do you have any favorite styles or shades of hose you like to wear?  Do you care to share a picture of your sexy legs??

Ciao! Elise

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Hairy Situation!

I’ve been looking through all the pictures I’ve taken of Elise during the week, reminiscing about how much I enjoyed the opportunity to model a few of my favorite outfits.  But I couldn’t help overlook one problem: my hair.  Specifically, not enough and too much.  I’ve always wished I had long, sultry brunette waves, the kind you see in every shampoo or hair-product commercial.  I’d love to run my fingers through my dark silky mane (or better yet – have someone else run their fingers through it), to feel the soft curls bounce on my bare shoulders, and to coyly tuck a wayward lock behind my ear. 

But as I’m going through my pictures to find ones to share, I’m struck by the fact that I have too much hair in all the wrong places – my arms, my legs, my chest.  Since I didn’t want to shave and answer all those unavoidable questions, it prevented me from photographing myself in many of the more feminine pieces in the wardrobe, like short-sleeved or lowcut tops, and legs in just one layer of sheer hose.  So I had to do a lot of creative (and sometimes unusual) poses to hides any hints of my masculinity, and now I’m doing quite a bit of editing and cropping and altering to conceal what was captured.  But the few final products I have so far are fabulous, and I can’t wait to share!

Ciao! Elise

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The party's over!

Very shortly I'll be headed to the airport to pick up my wife.  I'm so looking forward to seeing her and I'll be so happy to have her home.  And just as I've missed her, there are things I'm going to miss about this week: having my top drawer filled with panties and hosiery; spending the time each morning to choose an outfit, accesorizing it with hose and scarves and jewelry; being free to show off and caress my nylon-covered legs; walking seductively around the house in pumps; slipping into a silky chemise and then into bed each evening.  Such fond, feminine, fabulous memories!  

It's been a very busy morning, as I've been putting away all traces of Elise.  Returning all of my wife's clothes to their rightful places, making sure they are exactly where they're supposed to be, folded and hung just so.  Returning my shoes and lingerie and shapewear back to their secret hiding spot.  Putting a few pairs of hose in their much closer hiding spot, so they'll be readily available when I want to wear them again (probably Monday to work).  But through all my diligent cleaning up and putting away, I still have this fear that she might find that one thing that isn't how it was before, that one small clue that perhaps someone was wearing her bra or sweater or dress, that little discovery that leads to a big uncomfortable discussion about fantasies and reality.  I'm just not ready for that yet, so I'll make still one more check of everything. 

Thank you for following me on this rendez-vous this week and letting me share some of my innermost thoughts with you.  But just because the week is over doesn't mean my blog is too.  I still want to share some pictures of my time this week.  And I plan to have further discussions about fantasies and femininity and cross-dressing, while posting some of my caption work.  So make sure to visit me again real soon.  Maybe we can share a bottle of red wine and some intimate conversation.
Ciao! Elise

Friday, April 12, 2013

Modeling with my avatar

I really did have good intentions of getting a lot of work done today.  Honestly.  But the siren song of a rare opportunity was too seductive to resist, so I finally just called the boss and said I was taking the rest of the day off.

For some reason I had been thinking about the wide variety of avatars that people choose to represent themselves online.  I remember looking for my own avatar, the pressure and decision-making required to find that one little picture that would represent the kind of person Elise is: a picture of a classy, feminine, sexy, well-dressed brunette.  I was so delighted when I found my current avatar (which is actually from a hosiery ad), not only because it perfectly portrays the person I want to be, but also because I have the same pair of hose!!

Then I thought to myself that, while I still have some time home alone, I should try modeling myself in the same outfit and pose, and create my own version of my avatar.  I spent quite a bit of time and effort this afternoon constructing the background.  Then I went through the process of creating my feminine curves and concealing my unfeminine bulges, before finally getting dressed in a similar outfit.  From there, it was simply strike a pose while the camera flashed.

I have to admit that I loved modeling my fabulous feminine figure, but most especially, I am so super-pleased with the final product.  I'd love to hear what you think.

Who is your avatar?  What do you want that one little picture to say about you?
Ciao! Elise

Elise: An Elegant and Erotic Woman (A Biography)

It's a dark and stormy morning...
Literally and figuratively.  The weather is cold, wind-driven rain; but it is also sadly my last full day as Elise.  I've once again arranged to work at home, and have decided to wear something both cozy and feminine today: a red cashmere sweater, my black pencil skirt, and these amazing plaid tights that are a funky combination of sheer and opaque.

I watched the James Bond movie "Casino Royale" again last night and I realized how much I've always wanted to be - not James Bond - but a "Bond girl": sexy, confident, intriguing, well-dressed & well-traveled.  And it made me wonder: since this is all a fantasy, who would Elise be?

Elise was born in a small town in the Italian Alps, near the border with France.  Her family spent a lot of time skiing, hiking, and biking in the mountains, as well as traveling to many of the other countries in Europe.  She developed a passion for music and art and fashion, and had become an intoxicating combination of tomboy and glamour girl, easily transitioning from ski boots to high heels, or bike shorts to a cocktail dress.  Needless to say, she had many of the boys in her town chasing after her as she blossomed into a tall, long-legged, brunette beauty.  She moved to the United States for college and, after graduating with honors, she opened her own architecture and design firm.  She gained a new group of admirers that were attracted to her pretty face, gorgeous figure, confidence, intelligence, and interesting life story.  Elise still believes in the old-fashioned notions of romance and being treated like a lady, but will be a very bad girl with any gentleman that takes the time to properly charm and seduce her.

Can you tell I spent quite a bit of time thinking about this?  Have I gone "off my rocker"??  Anyway, here are a few caps from some friends at Rachel's Haven that did a fabulous job capping Elise.

So what's your story?  Do have any interesting things from your life to share?
Ciao! Elise

Thursday, April 11, 2013

My LBD and a TDH man

I had my meeting at work this morning and the only woman there was wearing pants.  Oh well, so much for seeing a pair of legs in stockings (besides my own - although nobody got a glimpse of them.)  There was one nice-looking, well-dressed man at the meeting that most women would find attractive, and even other men would say he was handsome.  Maybe it was because I had spent the past few days exploring and expressing my feminine side, but I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to be wearing a little black dress (LBD) and have a tall, dark & handsome (TDH) man like him treat me to an evening of romance that leads to a night of seduction and passion.  As I thought about all the ways I could pleasure him, I realized I had a little excitement growing in my panties.  And I couldn't help but wonder: if I ever did have that opportunity, would I go through with it??

A few of us were recently discussing this very issue on Rachel's Haven.  As a guy, I don't find other guys attractive at all, and seeing another guy's cock does nothing for me.  But when I fantasize about being a woman, I get really turned on by the thought of sucking and fucking a cock - and better yet, both at the same time.  But if I had the chance, would I??   

I know I wouldn't.  But almost every time I'm enfemme, I'll look down at the bulge tucked inside my panties and wish I could suck myself.  Trust me, I've tried plenty of times, but I'm not nearly flexible enough to do it, so I've been enjoying a delicious alternative, as described in this cap I created:

Care to share a few sinfully-delicious stories?
Ciao! Elise

Will my secret be revealed?

Just like every other morning this week, I got out of the shower and pulled on a pretty pair of panties.  But today I have to go to a work meeting, so instead of looking through the closet and dresser to put together a pretty, feminine outfit, I have to wear boring man clothes.  Pants, dress shirt, flat shoes.  Ugh!

I could step up onto my soapbox and discuss how people should be free to wear whatever they choose, regardless of the gender identity attached by society to those clothes, and how it is perfectly acceptable for women to wear men's clothing (which I personally think can be very sexy!) - so men should have that same freedom.  But the truth is, many clothing styles only look good on certain shapes and figures, and hairy arms and legs in a pretty top and skirt are never attractive.  But if it makes you happy, regardless of society's definition of beauty, then wear it with a smile!

So back to me.  I often wear panties and hose under my clothes to work and I wonder if other men do as well.  There must be others that love the silky sheer feel of hose so much that they're willing to risk getting caught, just to enjoy a day of sensuousness.  And recently I've found that I've been tempted to talk to women about their hosiery: to compliment a woman I see wearing stockings and let her know they are appreciated, to ask her what brand and style she's wearing.  I guess a part of me wants to get found out, to stop having to conceal my enjoyment for an item of clothing, to finally feel the freedom of acceptance.

Here's a cap I recently created about getting found out at work.  Maybe today will be the day.

Have a great day!
Ciao! Elise

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Housework can be tres erotique!

Dressed in this French maid uniform has inspired me to give every inch of this house a good thorough cleaning.  I've been working four hours straight and since la dame de la maison (the lady of the house) is not here to tell me otherwise, I'm taking a break!!  It's hard work lugging baskets of laundry up and down the stairs or pushing a vacuum from room to room in 5" stilettos!

I'm quite exhausted, but I'm also extremely turned on.  The garters tug at my stockings with each step, reminding me of the sheer black nylon caressing my legs.  And the lacy white petticoat beneath my dress lifts my hemline so that it barely covers my ass.  Each time I pass a mirror, all I have to do is bend a bit at the waist and I get flashes of my silky black panties.  Pardon my French, but I need to get fucked!  I'm desperate with desire for a menage a trois with deux messieurs.  They quietly enter the room where I'm folding laundry, the sound of their zippers making my heart begin to race.  From behind me, strong hands pull my panties down my legs, while the gentleman before me forces my head down to the level of his waist.  There is no foreplay, no gentle caressing, no sweet words - just deep penetration in the front and the back.  We settle into a rhythm together, increasing the pace until I am filled with their warm creme.

This suddenly reminds me of another French maid cap I created.  Enjoy while I go clean the mess I just made in my panties.

Ciao! Elise

Ooh la la! I'm cleaning the house!

Another gorgeous day!  I took the day off today, planning to do some cleaning and chores around the house before my wife comes home and finds a bachelor-pad mess!  I don't know about you, but the first thing I think of when someone mentions "house cleaning" is a French maid.  I bought a French maid costume for my wife a few years ago (at least I said it was for her!), but I've worn it so many mores times than her!!  And I plan to wear it again today as I get this place all sparkling clean.

Here are a few French maid caps I've created in the past.  Enjoy them while I vacuum and dust and do laundry and wash dishes and clean cat litter and shake out rugs and make beds and .......


Ciao! Elise

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's hard work being a woman!

I just got back from the ladies' room (I know - I'm at home, it's simply the bathroom, but I just wanted to say I was in the ladies's room!) and I was really quite surprised at the amount of effort I have to go through to attempt to make this straight man's body into a curvy female form.  I start off with panties and a bra like every woman - and that's about where my similarity with a real woman ends.  I have two baggies of rice inside old stockings (thanks to Mary on Rachel's Haven for that idea) that I stuff inside my bra.  Since I'm not shaving my legs, I found that 2 pairs of suntan pantyhose does a decent job of hiding my hairy legs, so I'll look good in the hose for my outfit (yes, that's 3 pair of pantyhose!)  Then, I reach inside all of those layers and tuck my cock back towards my ass.  It's a bit humiliating and emasculating, but it works well at hiding that rather unfeminine bulge in the front of my skirts.  Finally, I pull on a Maidenform body sculpting suit that's basically a bathing suit that slims my waist and flattens my tummy.  And now, at last, I can get to the clothes.

Even after all this work, when I look in the mirror, I still don't see the kind of gorgeous curvy figure I really wish I had.  I recently had a discussion with a few ladies on the Haven about this same topic, and they said they don't like to cross-dress because they can't have the feminine body they want.  I can completely understand that point of view.  I'd love to temporarily have the chance to have an anatomically-correct female form with graceful curves and long lines.  But I also don't want to pass up a chance to wear something soft or silky or lacey or sexy on the body I do have, and in some small way make my fantasies a reality!

More than anything, I would love to have a transformation bodysuit to be a woman anytime I wanted.  Here's a cap I created about that:

Feel free to share your stories!  I'd love to hear them!
Ciao! Elise

Heat wave and hosiery

We're having a heat wave in the northeast US today!  The sun is shining and the temps are soaring towards 80.  I'm working from home again today, and as I was getting dressed this morning, I still decided to put on a pair of pantyhose.  Why not go bare on a day as warm as this, you may ask?  It's simple: bare legs just ain't the same!  My infatuation with the look and feel of silky hosiery is what got me started on this path to Elise, so I try to wear them as often as possible.  (Also, I wasn't shaving my legs for the week, so they look so much more feminine in hose.)

Like the old L'eggs slogan says: Nothing beats a great pair of legs!  I love those old pantyhose advertisements from the 70s and 80s.  They were filled with glamour and elegance, and often showed an intimate moment between a beautiful woman and an adoring and handsome admirer.  And they so effectively showed how a good pair of pantyhose can make a woman look so much more feminine (no matter what she is doing or where she is) and so much more attractive to the men.  I've made a bunch of caps using those old ads.  Here's one of my favorites:

Perhaps if the hosiery companies were to start creating these kinds of ads again, women could see how fabulous sheer hosiery can be, and we can finally reverse that awful bare leg trend!  Are you a hosiery addict too?  What brands & styles do you prefer?

Ciao! Elise

P.S.  If there happen to be any ad executives reading this post, I’d be glad to serve as your hosiery model.  And you won’t even have to pay me – just give me a life-time supply of your finest products!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Working girl learns a lesson

By the time I finally figured out what to wear, there was quite a pile of clothes on the bed!  I eventually decided on a light blue sweater, black pencil skirt, black hose & heels (pics to follow later).  Professional and feminine, just as I wanted.  Too bad I was stuck working in my home office and I couldn't be heading into my office downtown dressed this way, having men hold the door for me and women complimenting my style.

We've all seen the programs on TV where some fashionista shows a woman in need of a wardrobe makeover how a few well-made, figure-flattering "go to" pieces in her wardrobe can be worn in so many different ways.  Obviously I had been paying attention, and I learned the importance of that information first-hand today, as I bought a slim pencil skirt with a slight curve-creating shape that I could probably wear every day this week - with different tops and hose and shoes to make it new each day.

What did you wear today?  What do you wish you wore today??
Ciao! Elise

I almost forgot!  Here's a sexy little cap I made for Rachel's Haven.  It's about a man in an office who also learns a lesson.  Tell me what you think!

Monday morning

I'll be working from home today and I could just wear something casual like jeans and a top, but I decided I want to wear something that's professional and feminine.  Choices, choices!  Looking through the closet and dresser, I figured out that I have to choose just 1 outfit from 4 skirts, 10 tops, 7 colors & patterns of hosiery, and 2 pairs of shoes.  I'm no mathmetician, but that's about 1 million different possible combinations that's going to take me about half the morning to try on!  This is so very exciting and I wish I could wear every different outfit.  Maybe I'll wear one in the morning and another one in the afternoon.

I can't imagine if I also had to do my hair and makeup - I probably wouldn't start working until noon!  (FYI: As much as I would enjoy doing it, I've decided against wearing makeup most of the week.  I could just see not removing all of it and having my neighbors or kids wondering why my eyelids are all glittery!)

Time to get finished getting dressed - I'm already late to start working!
Ciao! Elise 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Time for the truth...

I've spent many quiet minutes in the very quiet house since my last post, alone with my thoughts, I think I've finally figured out the cause of all this internal strife: I have not been completely honest about my situation with myself and those I talk to about it.  So here goes:

I am married with kids.  Whenever I spoke about my signif other in the past, I always referred to her as my girlfriend.  I think I was afraid to admit to anyone (or maybe just myself) that she is actually my wife.  Not because I'm embarrassed or I don't love her, but because I guess I felt like I was sort of cheating on her, having this whole other secret persona of Elise that lives in my mind and online, that Elise's fantasies of having illicit liasons with other women and men were like having an affair - even though nothing has or will happen in real life.  And I guess part of me felt that wanting the chance to experience life and love as a woman made me less of a man, but I know that I'm a good husband and a good father.  These desires, this fantasy life, do not change that.  Many people want to experience something different in their life, or try to imagine what it would be like living in someone elses shoes.  The shoes I happen to want to wear are 4 inch stilettos. 

Yes, my wife is away for the week visiting her brother.  And I'm still going to go on as Elise as I've planned.  I've arranged my schedule to work from home and use some vacation time.  So when the kids are at school, and after they're safely tucked into their beds, I'll be Elise.  And from now on, the beautiful love of my life will accurately be labeled as my wife - who has no idea I'm currently wearing her lavender silk chemise.  That's a truth that will be faced at another point in life.

Ciao! Elise

A Close Call!

This whole thing almost ended right after it started.

Due to a personal dilemma today, I almost purged all my femme stuff and said the hell with this entire plan.  I had just returned from the airport and immediately slipped into a piece of lingerie - deciding to start this week off in something silky and sexy.  I had hung some dresses and skirts in my closet and was filling a drawer with pantyhose and stockings and bras and panties, when the anticipation of the occasion - and the excitement in my panties - was to too much to ignore.  Before the flush on my skin subsided and my heartbeat and breathing had even returned to normal, I packed all evidence of Elise into a big bag and tossed it into the back of the closet.

My biggest fear had just come true: the curse of "CD Shame" - the overwhelming feeling of embarrassment when you're dressed enfemme and have an orgasm that you want to immediately remove all trace of your female appearance and return to your "normal" life.  This occurs rather routinely to me, but it's been a long time since it's reached the point where I want to purge all my femme identity. 

Maybe I put too high of an expectation on myself for the week.  Maybe I realized I was never going to be able to spend the entire week as a "real woman" as I had been fantasizing about for so long.  Maybe it was some imagined pressure of having to document every thought and action.  I took a long walk to clear my head and let the feeling pass, I went online and talked with a few friends on Rachel's Haven, and I have decided once again to continue with my plan.  Stay tuned!!

Have you ever felt the "CD shame" or a desire to purge?  How did you deal with it?
Ciao! Elise

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Leaving, on a jet plane

Well, tomorrow is the GF's day of departure.  While I'm certainly going to miss her and the house will be much quieter without her here (she's Italian - there's a lot of talk in our house!), I'm so super-excited about this opportunity.

Everything is just about set:  I've got a week's worth of panties and stockings ready to replace my boxers and socks.  There's room available in my closet and dresser for the skirts and dresses and tops.  And I've put away a few of my dress shoes to make way for my stilettos.

Elise and I are going to have a fabulous time together and I plan to share all the intimate details with you!
Ciao! Elise

Friday, April 5, 2013

Any excuse to buy new shoes!

As soon as I realized I was going to have the chance to spend a week as Elise, I decided I needed to buy a new pair of shoes for the occasion.  For a few months I had been admiring a pair of 5” platform pumps on the Payless website, and a few weeks ago they went on sale, so I went to a nearby store to buy them.  Typically when I buy women’s clothes or lingerie, I’ll make an excuse about buying them as a present for my GF.  That doesn’t work so well with size 11 shoes!  So I gathered my confidence, walked into the store, and did what needed to be done.  It turned out to be one of the most surprisingly wonderful shopping experiences!

I was the only customer in the store and the lone saleswoman said she would be in the stockroom but call if I needed assistance.  I found the shoes I wanted, so I slipped off my shoes and socks and tried them on, walking up and down the aisle several times.  I was sitting down and had just taken them off when the saleswoman walked up behind me.  She noticed my feet in nude pantyhose and I gave my toes a little wiggle for her.  “It looks like you came prepared. Those are really great shoes” she said, then went to the register.  I was surprised how accepting and supportive she was, and I pulled my socks and shoes back on, joined her at the register and admitted “I’ve never worn heels this high, but they’re actually comfortable.”  “These shoes have been very popular – we sell quite a few of them. Enjoy,” she said. “I will,” I replied, wishing I could have walked out of the store in my new shoes.

What kind of shoes do you wear?  Have you ever had a similar shopping experience?
Ciao! Elise

Dresses and stockings and lingerie! Oh my!

As a closet CD, I’m fortunate that my GF and I are about the same size because I’m able to fit into much of her clothing, underwear and lingerie without needing a secret supply of my own.  But since I’m ~6” taller than her, her skirts and dresses are a little shorter on me – as if showing too much leg is a problem!  The only things I do need to buy are shoes and hosiery.  My GF doesn’t like to wear pantyhose that often, just the occasional tights (what is wrong with modern women?? nylon-covered legs are so much sexier than bare!!) and I’m a bit of hosiery snob, so I have created a quite a fabulous collection in a variety of colors and patterns and styles.     

Anyway, I’ve been spending the last few weeks going through her wardrobe, mentally preparing my outfits for my week as Elise, and there are quite a few I’m looking forward to wearing.  But I’ve also decided to do a little shopping for some new outfits for myself, and I have to admit, it’s been a complete joy!  I’ve had so much fun wandering through various stores, admiring all the pretty clothes as if it was completely normal to be shopping for them. 

And I also enjoyed the chance to give a few people something to talk about (or maybe even fantasize about).  One afternoon I was in a consignment boutique and I told the salesgirl I was looking for a birthday gift for my GF.  She left me alone to look on my own, but I know she caught me holding sexy little dresses and skirts and tops up to my body as I imagined myself in them.  I also really wanted to find something silky to sleep in and saw a few sexy pieces of lingerie in Target, of all places.  I decided I should try them on before I figure out which to buy, so I headed to the dressing room, grabbing a shirt from the men’s department on the way to conceal the 4 pieces of lingerie.  The store had locked dressing rooms, so a cute salesgirl had to come unlock it for me.  I walked out a few minutes later carrying only the pretty chemise I wanted, and I simply gave her a smile as I passed, imagining her thoughts as she retrieved the other feminine items from the men’s changing room.     

What kinds of clothes do you like to wear?  Maybe send me a picture.  I’ll be sure to post plenty of pictures of me when I get the chance.
Ciao! Elise

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A story about a boy and a girl

I have had an obsession with pantyhose for as long as I can remember. I’ve always admired the look and feel of sheer hosiery on a woman’s legs, and I eventually started wearing them so I could enjoy the silkiness on my own legs. This led to wearing women’s clothing, underwear and shoes, and I reached the point where every time I saw a woman in a beautiful outfit, my admiration for her appearance was quickly replaced with wanting to wear her outfit, to be able to show off my feminine body and style. And this led to my desire to not only look like a woman, but to be able to experience life as a woman, to do all those wonderful things it says over there in “About Me”. (And hopefully someday I’ll work up the nerve to share that with my GF and we can make that happen – but that’s another story!)

And that is how Elise was born. She is the woman I am in my imagination, my fantasies, and on Rachel’s Haven (more about that wonderful place in another post.) She is a tall, brunette woman with a joie de vivre, a fabulous wardrobe, and a passport stamped from exotic places around the world. She is equal parts tomboy and glamour girl. She still believes in the old-fashioned notions of romance and being treated like a lady, but will be so very kinky with any gentleman that takes the time to properly seduce her. I wish I could have some way to temporarily become Elise (perhaps a magic spell or bodysuit, or my own personal team of makeover miracle workers) and be able to live her life for a while. But at least for one wonderful week later this month, my fantasy will become reality!

Who are you in your fantasies?
Ciao! Elise

Monday, April 1, 2013

Benvenuto! Welcome to my new blog!!

Later this month, my GF will be leaving to spend a week visiting her brother.  While I will miss her, I am very excited to get this rare opportunity to spend so much time as Elise.  I’ve been arranging my work schedule and a few vacation days to be able to spend as much time as possible at home, where I’ll try to spend every moment enfemme.

I decided to create this blog to share my excitement and experiences with others who understand and can appreciate this incredible opportunity.
I'll be posting my thoughts, activities, and pictures as I make my preparations for, and then finally get to live, my "seven days of heaven."  I would absolutely love to hear your comments.  Feel free to share similar experiences, offer some suggestions, or just say a quick hello.
Ciao! Elise