Thursday, February 27, 2014

Housesitting & the "tranny-cam"

A couple I'm friends with was recently away for almost 2 weeks and asked me to "house sit" for them - basically check the heat, get the mail, water the plants, etc.  Since I occasionally can work from home, this was the perfect opportunity to spend several uninterrupted hours enfemme.  Unfortunately, with my busy work schedule, I was only able to manage 2 full days there - but what incredibly fabulous days they were!

Since I would be working while there, I decided I wanted to wear something professional yet feminine.  On the first day, I wore a red cashmere sweater, snug black pencil skirt, black tights and black stilettos.  On the second day, I wore the same sexy and professional skirt and heels, with a gray turtleneck sweater and black and gray argyle tights.  Here's a picture of the second outfit:

It was such a thrill to talk on the phone with my boss, coworkers and several clients with "breasts" under my sweater, my long silky legs crossed and a shoe dangling off my stocking feet.  I would have loved to see their reaction if they knew the truth of how I was dressed!

And this experience also really confirmed my desire to be able to dress this way each and every day.  To walk into the office and have a guy check out my silky legs as I pass by, or to have a woman ask me where I got those fabulous shoes.  But until that day arrives, I'll just have to continue to putting on my hose each morning and dreaming that my pants are a skirt and my shoes have high heels.

I shared this story with my girlfriends at Rachel's Haven, and Dawn suggested that my friends may have had a security camera in their house - a "tranny-cam" - that was capturing my every seductive move.  I found out later that they don't, but that hasn't prevented me from having some incredibly kinky fantasies about one or the both of them catching me on their video system.  Perhaps I'll create a few caps about that!

Feel free to send some comments my way. I'd love to talk!
Ciao! Elise

Friday, January 17, 2014

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...

Who has the sexiest legs of them all?

You better say me, or you're all going to find yourselves in the garbage heap!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Le Hosieree

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with hosiery.  I'm always so happy to meet and talk with other women on Rachel's Haven about the silky sheer world of hosiery - sharing tips on where to shop, what to buy, our favorites colors and patterns and styles.   I would love to have these discussions in real life, so I decided to create a virtual club called Le Hosieree where like-minded ladies can get together. Here's a cap I made for Sara (who has fabulous legs, btw!!) about the first meeting of Le Hosieree.

Want to join us?? Just create a cap of yourself at a Le Hosieree get-together that meets this one super-simple rule: all "women" in the club must be cross-dressed men and wearing some type of hosiery. That's it!   I'm looking forward to our nylon-covered adventures together!
Ciao! Elise