Thursday, May 7, 2015

I Love Wearing Tights!

The title of this post is so very true, and I'd proudly say that to anyone who asked me.  But it is also the name of a fabulous blog ( run by Samantha Denier.  If you've never read it, and you're the slightest bit interested in hosiery, do yourself a favor and check it out!  Samantha is the kind of blogger who is willing to share her most intimate thoughts and dreams with her readers, detailing her fascination with seeing and wearing tights, even from a very young age.

I share many of the same thoughts and feelings as Samantha and, oftentimes when I'm reading her blog, I feel like she's writing about MY life.  I created a cap for her about a fun evening we recently had together, and I wanted to share that with you - my readers.
Anyone interested in getting together some time?  I'll even let you show your gratitude for a fabulous evening the same way Samantha did!!
Ciao! Elise

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Prom time is here, and as I see all the advertisements for all the gorgeous dresses for ladies to wear to the big dance, I wonder what I would want to wear.  And the answer is simple: each and every one of them!!  Elegant, sexy, frilly, poofy, slinky, long, short, any color of the rainbow!  Of course I'd also wear a pair of super-high stilettos and my sheerest, nude stockings.  Oh a girl can dream!

I enjoy spending time with Kendall and Simone, two of my beautiful and adventurous girlfriends.  And while these caps aren't about an evening at prom, we were elegantly dressed and having a super-fun time together!

Would you care to join us next time?
Ciao! Elise