Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Prom time is here, and as I see all the advertisements for all the gorgeous dresses for ladies to wear to the big dance, I wonder what I would want to wear.  And the answer is simple: each and every one of them!!  Elegant, sexy, frilly, poofy, slinky, long, short, any color of the rainbow!  Of course I'd also wear a pair of super-high stilettos and my sheerest, nude stockings.  Oh a girl can dream!

I enjoy spending time with Kendall and Simone, two of my beautiful and adventurous girlfriends.  And while these caps aren't about an evening at prom, we were elegantly dressed and having a super-fun time together!

Would you care to join us next time?
Ciao! Elise


  1. I was so happy to see this caption. It's fantastic!

    1. Thanks Simone. It really was a fun day that the three of us had together. Looking forward to more!