Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ciao Italia!

I am intrigued by people who speak with a foreign accent.  I can’t help imagining they live in an exotic locale, leading an exciting or glamorous life.  Their accent lends them an air of mystery, like they have some fascinating secret that I’m just dying to find out.  I have girl friend who is very nice and so very attractive, but when she talks to me in her Spanish accent, I find her simply irresistible!  My thoughts drift to drinking rum on the sunny beaches of her native Puerto Rico, dancing as the sun sets……

In my story, the protagonist finds herself working with a tall, dark, and handsome man, and is instantly attracted to him.  But when he speaks to her in his lyrical Italian accent, she gets swept off her feet and soon finds herself losing all of her inhibitions when she is with him.  He winds up treating her to a romantic evening, and after a little vino and dancing, they’re heading back to his place for…I’m not going to spoil it for you!  I’ll let you imagine what happens next!!
Here's a cap I made for Simone about a similar situation:

I’ve also included a second cap that I made for Sara.  While it doesn’t talk about accents, it does include one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit: Rome.

Is there an accent that you find simply irresistible?
Ciao! Elise


  1. Oh my, that would mean you are intrigued by me;)
    To be honest, I doubt a Dutch accent would qualify, as Dutch sounds harsh to me. Even being Dutch myself. But maybe I'm to hard on my own language. After all, when I listen to Dutch people speaking English I hear someone from my native language speaking a foreign one.
    You would hear someone speaking Dutch, it is a foreigner speaking your native language. So it could be a matter of perspective.

    So to your question. For me it would be the Croatian accent. That started probably when I dated a Croatian girl for a short while. Before that it was just one of the many accents I encounter on regular basis. Now when I do my groceries, I sometimes take the longer line, because one of the checkout girls is from Croatian decent also. The sound of her accent when we talk, always makes my day.

    Loved both caps, although the second one brought up some mixed feelings for me.
    It is a great cap, and it captures the beauty and spirit of Rome itself.

    1. Helena,
      Thank you for your very wonderful reply! I am not too familiar with the Dutch accent, but it is different from mine and that's what makes it attractive and intriguing to me. I loved the story about taking the longer line just to speak with the Croatian girl!

      I play on a volleyball league with people from so many different backgrounds that we refer to it as the "United Nations of Sport". On any given night I may play with people from Puerto Rico, Brazil, Colombia, China, Thailand, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Japan, Portugal, Philippines, Russia, Canada, Belarus... I love hearing all of their accents and native phrases (and expletives!) as we play!

      And yes - I am intrigued by you.
      Ciao! Elise

    2. What are the odds. The Croatian girl wasn't working today, but there was a new girl. pretty, but too young for me. Still I doubt I'll forget her name. Her nametag read "Elise"
      I'd like to imagine it was you helping me:)

    3. Were you the café latte, no sugar, wearing the blue dress? If so, I didn't get the chance to tell you how nicely that pretty little dress showed off your fabulous figure!

  2. Regarding these lovely captions, Elise: First, I would not be too surprised if Simone's enjoyment of their verbal intercourse is evident when she stands to go to the ladies room and expel some wine.
    Second, More deeply-desired might be knowing how many coins it would take to make Sara's, (or any of ours), femininity more than a facade!

    And Helena, it takes all kinds! The romance-tongues are not the only ones to evoke visceral reactions in those hearing them. Certainly there are plenty who find the Germanic, Scandinavian and Teutonic languages as, or more arousing & intriguing as those of southern Europe! But, alas, I'm not likely to actually hear your rich accent in person. More's the pity.


    1. Thanks for your reply Elle. I'd throw every coin I own in that fountain if that is what it took!

  3. Buongiorno mia bella,
    Just name the place and I'll take you there. Rome, Paris, New York City, London, or L.A....a sunny beach on the Mediterranean or the Caribbean...safari in Africa or a cruise across the seven seas. Anywhere your heart desires.

    And after our romantic evening together in another part of the world, I'll show you what I imagine happens next for one very lucky girl! Start packing your bags, mon cheri.

    1. I think my ultimate vacation would be a few-months-long cruise around the Mediterranean, with stops in Spain, France, Italy, & Greece.

      But as for you and I, Mr. A - how about a weekend in Las Vegas? We could visit Venice, Paris, Bellagio, Rio, and New York all in one trip. And since you’ve promised a romantic evening, I’ll make sure to pack my prettiest dress and heels, my sheerest stockings and lots of lacy little underthings!

      Just tell me where and when. I’m so very excited!