Thursday, May 23, 2013

These back seam pantyhose are making me horny!

I had an entire morning of "Elise time" earlier this week, so I took a bunch of photos for my next few hosiery ads.  I'me super-excited about how they look so far!  Anyways, I've been wearing hosiery for about as long as I can remember (and I'm a little embarrassed to say this), but I've never worn backseam pantyhose until now.  I am in love!!  I spent an incredible amount of time admiring the back of my own legs and I came to this conclusion - backseam hosiery was designed and is worn for one reason: seduction.  Check out this picture and I think you'll agree:

The staccato tap of high heels grabs my attention, and as I turn to watch the woman walk into the room, I am immediately spellbound by her beauty: the lustrous dark hair that frames her pretty face; the beautiful outfit that flatters the long lines and seductive curves of her fabulous figure; gorgeous long legs wrapped in the sheerest black hosiery.  Breathless, I am only able to offer a smile as she approaches and then passes by.

I turn to watch her walk away, allowing my gaze to drift down to her legs and my heart stumbles over a few beats.  A thin black line runs from the heel of her stilettos, up her lean calves to her firm thighs, and disappears beneath the short hem of her snug black skirt - leading my eyes up the seductive path that my fingers and my lips would like to travel.

I know she could have worn regular black pantyhose with her outfit today, but she specifically chose backseams because she not only likes the attention they bring her, but she wants to be wanted, she wants to be the object of men's fantasies.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to see if she and I can make my fantasies become our realities.

Does the "thin black line" of backseam hosiery do anything for you?  Or as in the words of the infamous Austin Powers "do I make you horny?"  Share all the sexy details!
Ciao! Elise


  1. Something about it seems so sensual and telling. One more signal to catch the eye and something to make you feel naughty.

    1. As if the short skirt and high heels weren't enough, that sexy black line connects the 2 of them so seductively!

      And yes, I certainly did feel naughty wearing them!!

  2. it does A LOT! it screams femininity and inner strength imho. and you have pictured both elements here.

    p.s. you've made me horny, too!


    1. "p.s. you've made me horny, too!"

      I'm so pleased that I have that affect on you!