Friday, May 10, 2013

New shoes!!!

I owned several pairs of black heels - each in a different style - in the last few years.  Wearing each pair has made me figure out what my ideal one pair of black heels would be: black leather (not shiny patent), with a pointed toe and spiked heel at least 3" high.  Recently I decided to make it my mission to find and buy that exact pair of shoes, which isn't especially easy when you need a size 11.

A few days ago I was in JC Penneys (an American department store) and wandered through the women's shoe section as I usually do.  The displays contained so many different shoes that I wanted, but none of them were "my shoes".  Then I decided to try my luck in the clearance racks, heading straight for the "sizes 9 and up" rack.  Like a diamond in a pile of rocks, I saw a pair of black pointed toes poking out between a few pairs of last year's boots and sandals.  My heart was racing as I bent down and pulled the shoes from the rack and saw the nearly 4" spiked heels.  It was my shoe, but was it my size?  Holding the supple leather in my hand, I crossed my fingers, took a peek inside and saw "size 11" printed there.  My heart skipped a few beats!!  I had found my perfect shoe!  I could swear I even heard angels singing!

So I found a bench in the corner, tugged off my socks and sneakers and slipped my bare feet into my dream shoes (not at all caring about the looks from the 3 older women also shopping for shoes).  They were a pefect fit, as if they were handmade just for me, and I was happier than if I had just won the lottery!  (Although if I DID win the lottery, I could have bought all the shoes in the store!)  I have yet to wear them enfemme, but I have so many dreams about the fabulous places these gorgeous new shoes are going to take me!!

What kind of shoes do you wear?
Ciao! Elise


  1. OHMYGLOBHONEY those are



    ...and I covet them.

    You saw the ones that I bought...

    1. Yes I did - they're fabulous! But I'm still waiting to see a picture of you wearing them!!

    2. I took a bunch that night but foolishly deleted them. No matter; when I take my vacation, I'll have more time, a better camera and better lighting.

  2. I've always loved heels - the taller the better. From sexy, elegant classy types like yours to the more kinky five inch come-get-me types so many girls love in clubs.

    1. There's just something about wearing heels. They way they extend your legs, to the sexy way they make your hips sway. Everything about them is so darn sexy!!