Friday, April 12, 2013

Elise: An Elegant and Erotic Woman (A Biography)

It's a dark and stormy morning...
Literally and figuratively.  The weather is cold, wind-driven rain; but it is also sadly my last full day as Elise.  I've once again arranged to work at home, and have decided to wear something both cozy and feminine today: a red cashmere sweater, my black pencil skirt, and these amazing plaid tights that are a funky combination of sheer and opaque.

I watched the James Bond movie "Casino Royale" again last night and I realized how much I've always wanted to be - not James Bond - but a "Bond girl": sexy, confident, intriguing, well-dressed & well-traveled.  And it made me wonder: since this is all a fantasy, who would Elise be?

Elise was born in a small town in the Italian Alps, near the border with France.  Her family spent a lot of time skiing, hiking, and biking in the mountains, as well as traveling to many of the other countries in Europe.  She developed a passion for music and art and fashion, and had become an intoxicating combination of tomboy and glamour girl, easily transitioning from ski boots to high heels, or bike shorts to a cocktail dress.  Needless to say, she had many of the boys in her town chasing after her as she blossomed into a tall, long-legged, brunette beauty.  She moved to the United States for college and, after graduating with honors, she opened her own architecture and design firm.  She gained a new group of admirers that were attracted to her pretty face, gorgeous figure, confidence, intelligence, and interesting life story.  Elise still believes in the old-fashioned notions of romance and being treated like a lady, but will be a very bad girl with any gentleman that takes the time to properly charm and seduce her.

Can you tell I spent quite a bit of time thinking about this?  Have I gone "off my rocker"??  Anyway, here are a few caps from some friends at Rachel's Haven that did a fabulous job capping Elise.

So what's your story?  Do have any interesting things from your life to share?
Ciao! Elise


  1. You mean, about my life as Melina? Well, there was that time on Coradoran IV, when the Dorakorian Empire was trying to muscle in on the Ter-Suuli Hegemony, and they needed someone to fly a small, lightly-armed corvette into the Andloo Expanse...

    1. ???? I'm obviously not reading the right books or watching the right movies!

      You always put a smile on my face! May the schwartz be with you!!

  2. Honey, I made that all up!

    It was a frigate. Not a corvette.