Thursday, April 11, 2013

My LBD and a TDH man

I had my meeting at work this morning and the only woman there was wearing pants.  Oh well, so much for seeing a pair of legs in stockings (besides my own - although nobody got a glimpse of them.)  There was one nice-looking, well-dressed man at the meeting that most women would find attractive, and even other men would say he was handsome.  Maybe it was because I had spent the past few days exploring and expressing my feminine side, but I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to be wearing a little black dress (LBD) and have a tall, dark & handsome (TDH) man like him treat me to an evening of romance that leads to a night of seduction and passion.  As I thought about all the ways I could pleasure him, I realized I had a little excitement growing in my panties.  And I couldn't help but wonder: if I ever did have that opportunity, would I go through with it??

A few of us were recently discussing this very issue on Rachel's Haven.  As a guy, I don't find other guys attractive at all, and seeing another guy's cock does nothing for me.  But when I fantasize about being a woman, I get really turned on by the thought of sucking and fucking a cock - and better yet, both at the same time.  But if I had the chance, would I??   

I know I wouldn't.  But almost every time I'm enfemme, I'll look down at the bulge tucked inside my panties and wish I could suck myself.  Trust me, I've tried plenty of times, but I'm not nearly flexible enough to do it, so I've been enjoying a delicious alternative, as described in this cap I created:

Care to share a few sinfully-delicious stories?
Ciao! Elise


  1. I think for me to actually do something with a cock that wasn't my own, it'd have to be attached to someone like Bailey Jay.

    I have had opportunities when I was younger to be with a MtF person, but I chickened out. Part of me was like, "well I should at least HANG OUT with her" but I think at that point I was afraid that being in her presence for a few hours would make me mince around and start showing up in drag revues!

    Luckily I grew out of that stage!

    1. Now that I'm married, I know I'll never do anything with any other person (but it's still OK to fantasize about it, isn't it?) But even back in the old days I was only attracted to women, so like you the only cock I ever would have pleasured would have needed to be attached to an attractive woman.

      Many years ago on Halloween, I was dancing with a cheerleader that I thought might be a guy, but she was a she. I remember actually being disappointed at the time at not getting the chance to try something new, but I wonder if I really would have gone through with it.