Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Housework can be tres erotique!

Dressed in this French maid uniform has inspired me to give every inch of this house a good thorough cleaning.  I've been working four hours straight and since la dame de la maison (the lady of the house) is not here to tell me otherwise, I'm taking a break!!  It's hard work lugging baskets of laundry up and down the stairs or pushing a vacuum from room to room in 5" stilettos!

I'm quite exhausted, but I'm also extremely turned on.  The garters tug at my stockings with each step, reminding me of the sheer black nylon caressing my legs.  And the lacy white petticoat beneath my dress lifts my hemline so that it barely covers my ass.  Each time I pass a mirror, all I have to do is bend a bit at the waist and I get flashes of my silky black panties.  Pardon my French, but I need to get fucked!  I'm desperate with desire for a menage a trois with deux messieurs.  They quietly enter the room where I'm folding laundry, the sound of their zippers making my heart begin to race.  From behind me, strong hands pull my panties down my legs, while the gentleman before me forces my head down to the level of his waist.  There is no foreplay, no gentle caressing, no sweet words - just deep penetration in the front and the back.  We settle into a rhythm together, increasing the pace until I am filled with their warm creme.

This suddenly reminds me of another French maid cap I created.  Enjoy while I go clean the mess I just made in my panties.

Ciao! Elise

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