Monday, April 8, 2013

Working girl learns a lesson

By the time I finally figured out what to wear, there was quite a pile of clothes on the bed!  I eventually decided on a light blue sweater, black pencil skirt, black hose & heels (pics to follow later).  Professional and feminine, just as I wanted.  Too bad I was stuck working in my home office and I couldn't be heading into my office downtown dressed this way, having men hold the door for me and women complimenting my style.

We've all seen the programs on TV where some fashionista shows a woman in need of a wardrobe makeover how a few well-made, figure-flattering "go to" pieces in her wardrobe can be worn in so many different ways.  Obviously I had been paying attention, and I learned the importance of that information first-hand today, as I bought a slim pencil skirt with a slight curve-creating shape that I could probably wear every day this week - with different tops and hose and shoes to make it new each day.

What did you wear today?  What do you wish you wore today??
Ciao! Elise

I almost forgot!  Here's a sexy little cap I made for Rachel's Haven.  It's about a man in an office who also learns a lesson.  Tell me what you think!

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