Friday, April 12, 2013

Modeling with my avatar

I really did have good intentions of getting a lot of work done today.  Honestly.  But the siren song of a rare opportunity was too seductive to resist, so I finally just called the boss and said I was taking the rest of the day off.

For some reason I had been thinking about the wide variety of avatars that people choose to represent themselves online.  I remember looking for my own avatar, the pressure and decision-making required to find that one little picture that would represent the kind of person Elise is: a picture of a classy, feminine, sexy, well-dressed brunette.  I was so delighted when I found my current avatar (which is actually from a hosiery ad), not only because it perfectly portrays the person I want to be, but also because I have the same pair of hose!!

Then I thought to myself that, while I still have some time home alone, I should try modeling myself in the same outfit and pose, and create my own version of my avatar.  I spent quite a bit of time and effort this afternoon constructing the background.  Then I went through the process of creating my feminine curves and concealing my unfeminine bulges, before finally getting dressed in a similar outfit.  From there, it was simply strike a pose while the camera flashed.

I have to admit that I loved modeling my fabulous feminine figure, but most especially, I am so super-pleased with the final product.  I'd love to hear what you think.

Who is your avatar?  What do you want that one little picture to say about you?
Ciao! Elise


  1. My current avatar on the haven and on YIM is a lovely model who represents me most now. I have a few favorites who remain as mainstays, but for now she's the one who fits the most of me. Like your avatar she is elegant, classy and versatile.

    1. Not knowing each other outside of the online world, I tend to imagine that everyone I've met on the Haven and in the blog world actually is their avatar. So you, my dear Simone, have always been an elegant and classy woman to me. But your writing has certainly showed that you also do have a fabulously imaginative and kinky side!

  2. My avatar on the Haven, and Google+ is actress and presenter Jennifer Hoffman. For the Haven I chose a pose where she's somewhat goofy and funny. For G+ a more classy and elegant pose. I chose her mainly, because of her eyes, I can really lose myself in them.
    I like the Idea of what you did to recreate your avatar, and I must say, I'm Impressed with the result.

    1. Hi Helena,
      Thank you for sharing about your beautiful avatars. And thank you for your wonderful compliment about my attempt to recreate my avatar. Ever since I knew I was going to have this time alone, I knew I wanted to try to become my avatar. I can't believe how much thought and effort I put into it, but I must admit that I'm pleased with the result and I really couldn't wait to share it!

      Maybe you can try recreating your lovely avatar sometime!