Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's hard work being a woman!

I just got back from the ladies' room (I know - I'm at home, it's simply the bathroom, but I just wanted to say I was in the ladies's room!) and I was really quite surprised at the amount of effort I have to go through to attempt to make this straight man's body into a curvy female form.  I start off with panties and a bra like every woman - and that's about where my similarity with a real woman ends.  I have two baggies of rice inside old stockings (thanks to Mary on Rachel's Haven for that idea) that I stuff inside my bra.  Since I'm not shaving my legs, I found that 2 pairs of suntan pantyhose does a decent job of hiding my hairy legs, so I'll look good in the hose for my outfit (yes, that's 3 pair of pantyhose!)  Then, I reach inside all of those layers and tuck my cock back towards my ass.  It's a bit humiliating and emasculating, but it works well at hiding that rather unfeminine bulge in the front of my skirts.  Finally, I pull on a Maidenform body sculpting suit that's basically a bathing suit that slims my waist and flattens my tummy.  And now, at last, I can get to the clothes.

Even after all this work, when I look in the mirror, I still don't see the kind of gorgeous curvy figure I really wish I had.  I recently had a discussion with a few ladies on the Haven about this same topic, and they said they don't like to cross-dress because they can't have the feminine body they want.  I can completely understand that point of view.  I'd love to temporarily have the chance to have an anatomically-correct female form with graceful curves and long lines.  But I also don't want to pass up a chance to wear something soft or silky or lacey or sexy on the body I do have, and in some small way make my fantasies a reality!

More than anything, I would love to have a transformation bodysuit to be a woman anytime I wanted.  Here's a cap I created about that:

Feel free to share your stories!  I'd love to hear them!
Ciao! Elise


  1. Oh sweetie, That caption is just to DIE FOR! Such a sexy fantasy and you explored it perfectly. I would also LOVE to caption those images for you, especially the first one.

    As for the experience, the biggest reason I never dress is because I could never achieve the look I could want. As much as I love a wonderful outfit, I would feel just silly if I couldn't look good in it. After all, even the sexiest woman looks a foolish mess wearing an outfit that wasn't made for her

    I myself am VERY jealous of the girls who can slide into a sexy outfit and achieve that passable, feminine look I so desire. And I just adore that a classy girl like yourself shares her stories with us.

  2. Good morning Simone, Thanks for the kind words on the caption. She is the ideal woman I would like to be: an elegant & sexy sultry brunette.

    I completely understand your feelings about not dressing. It feels disappointing to not look fabulous in feminine clothes. But I love women's fashion so much that I knew I would regret it later if I didn't take advantage of this chance to spend time in pretty clothes - even if I didn't look as good in it as I would like. But that's what fantasies are for - and I have oh-so-many of them!!

  3. My suggestion would be to just wear what you want and NOT look in a mirror. Do everything the same as you would when you aren't dressed, just don't view yourself from "the outside looking in" so to speak.

    1. Hi Dee,
      But it's so hard NOT to check yourself out in the mirror when you're looking so fine! I know what you mean though, because being dressed is mostly about the joy and excitement it brings me on the inside.