Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday morning

I'll be working from home today and I could just wear something casual like jeans and a top, but I decided I want to wear something that's professional and feminine.  Choices, choices!  Looking through the closet and dresser, I figured out that I have to choose just 1 outfit from 4 skirts, 10 tops, 7 colors & patterns of hosiery, and 2 pairs of shoes.  I'm no mathmetician, but that's about 1 million different possible combinations that's going to take me about half the morning to try on!  This is so very exciting and I wish I could wear every different outfit.  Maybe I'll wear one in the morning and another one in the afternoon.

I can't imagine if I also had to do my hair and makeup - I probably wouldn't start working until noon!  (FYI: As much as I would enjoy doing it, I've decided against wearing makeup most of the week.  I could just see not removing all of it and having my neighbors or kids wondering why my eyelids are all glittery!)

Time to get finished getting dressed - I'm already late to start working!
Ciao! Elise 


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of femininity. And with all these possibilities, everything has to match as well. I have no doubt you already have your ideas, so I guess there will be a few options you won't need to try. But I wonder, do you accessorise?

    On your question to me earlier: Yes, I am the Helena from the Haven.

    1. OMG - the matching! It doesn't seem that difficult until you try to put together an entire outfit!

      Do I accessorize? I'm a bit of a hosiery addict, so right now I only accessorize with different patterns and colors of hose. But if I were really a woman, I would have so much jewlery and scarves and belts and...