Thursday, April 11, 2013

Will my secret be revealed?

Just like every other morning this week, I got out of the shower and pulled on a pretty pair of panties.  But today I have to go to a work meeting, so instead of looking through the closet and dresser to put together a pretty, feminine outfit, I have to wear boring man clothes.  Pants, dress shirt, flat shoes.  Ugh!

I could step up onto my soapbox and discuss how people should be free to wear whatever they choose, regardless of the gender identity attached by society to those clothes, and how it is perfectly acceptable for women to wear men's clothing (which I personally think can be very sexy!) - so men should have that same freedom.  But the truth is, many clothing styles only look good on certain shapes and figures, and hairy arms and legs in a pretty top and skirt are never attractive.  But if it makes you happy, regardless of society's definition of beauty, then wear it with a smile!

So back to me.  I often wear panties and hose under my clothes to work and I wonder if other men do as well.  There must be others that love the silky sheer feel of hose so much that they're willing to risk getting caught, just to enjoy a day of sensuousness.  And recently I've found that I've been tempted to talk to women about their hosiery: to compliment a woman I see wearing stockings and let her know they are appreciated, to ask her what brand and style she's wearing.  I guess a part of me wants to get found out, to stop having to conceal my enjoyment for an item of clothing, to finally feel the freedom of acceptance.

Here's a cap I recently created about getting found out at work.  Maybe today will be the day.

Have a great day!
Ciao! Elise


  1. Do you get dressed and undressed away from the wife? I can't imagine being able to slip on some feminine undergarments without the significant other seeing me get ready to go to work.

    1. I don't dress every day, but when I do, it's a time-sensitive and nerve-wracking mission in the morning! She works 2 days/week, so on those days I dress when she's in the shower. Other mornings, I'll dress while she's in the kitchen or watching the news (I can put on a pair of hose in world-record time.) The best though are the days when I get to work from home and she has to work - I can spend the day in my office dressed as pretty as I want.

  2. well, I'm retired & live alone so I have some advantages - when it's cold enough for a loose sweatshirt I have breast forms glued to my chest pretty much 24 /7 all winter - to the bank, to home depot, all the time, including sleeping in a nighty.
    found a site - 'shesheila.blogspot - that I almost collapsed it was so perfect. I thought 3 /4 possible it was real and GAWD I wanted to BE JILL !

    been 'dressing' a little sinc Jr high, near a half cntury ago. If I was smaller, I'd be having a hard time NOT 'coming out'. Dolly S